Decollete from the face By Application

  • [N-04]Konjac Face Sponge "WANOCHIKARA" - White

    Our Number 1 long-time best-seller. This pure white face sponge can be used by everyone, from babies to mothers. Its weak alkalinity rinses away grime and dirt even without the use of soap.

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  • [N-05]Konjac Face Sponge "WANOCHIKARA" - Charcoal

    A jet-black face sponge made by adding bincho-charcoal to a face sponge. The absorptive action of the charcoal powder draws dirt and excess sebum out of pores, keeping skin clean.

    <Jan 4993924010421>

  • [N-06]Konjac Face Sponge "WANOCHIKARA" - Cherry Blossom

    A cherry blossom-colored face sponge with cherry leaf essence added. Leaves from the Yoshino cherry tree are used most frequently in cosmetics, and have been reported to repair roughness, combat inflammation, and whiten skin.

    <Jan 4993924010438>