Let's create original products with us in pure Japanese production of "konjac sponge"Yamamoto farm is a leading manufacturer, which accounts for 80 percent sure of "konjac sponge" in Japan

Sales volume of the total has exceeded 4.5 million units I have more than  700 000 units this year the number of production Patronize's rapidly increasing!

We hope to be
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as an important commodity of everyone

  • Correspondence from a small lot
  • It will contribute to the planning and sales of your company
  • I will respond quickly
  • Manufacturing process is all clear
  • I will do the planning of brand collaboration and your local specialty

With contract manufacturing of konjac sponge, our company has to respond quickly correspondence also small lot. Production volume exceeded 350 million units since its inception total, this year we expect the production of about 40 million units.

CONTENTSFacial cleansing Konjac Sponge

Yamamoto Farm is a manufacturer of Konjac Sponge & Puff facial cleansing products made from konjac plants. Primarily as an OEM manufacturer, the company makes the products in a dedicated factory with domestically-produced materials.

The Konjac Sponge has a history spanning over 120 years, originally used to give newborn babies their first baths. It has been used regularly for a long time now as a natural sponge to gently cleanse the skin.

Feature benefits of konjac sponge

  • Blissfully gentle touch
  • Clears away downy hair and cleanses pores
  • Helps keep skin smooth and soft
  • Yamamoto Farm makes the products in a dedicated factory with domestically-produced materials.

● Extremely gentle

When the sponge is saturated with water, its surface is covered by an aqueous layer. This layer forms a barrier between the sponge and the skin, so skin is never in direct contact with the fibers and is never damaged.

● For soft, smooth skin

The aqueous layer is slightly alkaline, so slightly acidic grime, pore dirt and downy hair are neutralized, broken down, and washed away. This lets you keep your skin fresh and clean, even without using soap.

Konjacsponge. Examples of OEM products.

  • Facial cleansing Konjac Puff "WANOCHIKARA" - White

    Our top seller: a pure white puff. Fine plant fibers gently cleanse away dirt.

    Recommended for individuals with sensitive skin or atopy.

  • Facial cleansing Konjac Puff "WANOCHIKARA" - Charcoal

    The jet-black puff is created by adding bincho-charcoal to a konjac puff. The absorptive action of the charcoal powder draws dirt and excess sebum out of pores, keeping skin clean.

  • Facial cleansing Konjac Puff "WANOCHIKARA" - Green tea

    The delicately scented green tea puff is made by adding powdered green tea to a konjac puff. Green tea has a sterilizing effect, and it also facilitates beautiful white skin by combating inflammation from acne and pimples and preventing spots.

  • Facial cleansing Konjac Sponge "WANOCHIKARA" - white

    Our Number 1 long-time best-seller. This pure white face sponge can be used by everyone, from babies to mothers. Its weak alkalinity rinses away grime and dirt even without the use of soap.

  • Facial cleansing Konjac Sponge sheet "WANOCHIKARA"

    Far gentler and more durable than previous konjac sponges!

    Its slim, "sheet" shape makes the sponge easier to use around the nostrils and on other small areas.

Components of the plant representing Japan has been formulated Cleaning power up more! JAPAN PREMIERE “Wa no Chikara” Series



販売店様実績例① 東京都 D社様

OEMで販売中の洗顔用こんにゃくスポンジは、こんにゃくスポンジ・パフシリーズ定番3品、白、炭、ボディ用 に加え、新春は真っ赤なつばき、早春はよもぎ、春は桜、初夏は緑茶、夏ははっか、秋冬はゆずとシーズン限定商品も好評販売中です 。自社店舗を主力にネット販売も展開中のとても若々しい会社です。

▼販売員の方にお聞きしました。 こんにゃくスポンジは予想を超えた売り上げが続いていますね。当店のロングセール中の主力商品なんです。なんといっても話題性があり、お店での体験もおススメしやすく、そこで良さが実感できお買い上げにつながっていますね。
▼責任者様へのインタビューです。 私どもは北陸地方の金箔加工業者です。

販売店様実績例② 京都市 M社様


▼販売員様の声:大手デパートにて こんにゃくスポンジはウチの石けんとの相性がいいと評判です。

販売店様実績例③ 大阪市 J社様


▼大手ドラッグ担当営業マンにお聞きしました。 こんにゃくスポンジについて、ほとんど特別な販促はしていないが、確実に売れている商材の1つですね。