Corporate Profile

We will proceed steadily in good faith. We contribute to the making of beautiful skin women around the world through the development of products that evolved the function of itself with the natural materials, we will help you to live a healthy life. 1.Developing konjac into amazing materials for the next generation2.We have positioned the existence value of the company to the creation of new value.3.We will continue to contribute to the local industry in the management motto of local outgoing

Corporate Profile

Company name Yamamoto Farm Corporation
Representative Director Hiroshi Yamamoto
Address 1447 Ichinomiya, Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture 370-2452 
Established 8-Aug-1990
Capital 3 million yen
Tel +81-274-63-4566
FAX +81-274-64-4771
Company bankers: Shinonome Shinkin Bank, Ichinomiya branch, Gunma Prefecture Credit Union, Ichinomiya Branch
Operations Manufacture and sale of household goods, planning and sale of cosmetics and soaps
Merchandise: Konjac sponges, additive-free soap, cosmetics that include konjac
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Konjac Sponge
Market Conditions

  • Konjac Sponge Market Conditions in Japan

    Market scale range: 500 million to 650 million yen per year
    Number distributed Approx. 800,000 to 900,000 per year
    Manufacturers 2 in Japan, 3 to 4 in China
    Main outlets: Specialty stores 50% Drug stores 30% Direct sales 10% Other 10%
    Yamamoto Farm’s share more than 60% (approx. 90% of product of Japan)
  • Market trends in Japan

    Retail prices @500to800 yen
    Customer demographic 100% of women between 25 and 50
    The ratio of the repeater high
    The People Who Love Konjac Sponges! When sales began, the core users were individuals with sensitive skin, atopy, and people whose skin was too weak to withstand scrubbing.
    Recently, more shops have begun to sell the sponges as an item intended for use with fancy or Japanese-style cosmetics. As a result, people of all skin types have come to love konjac sponges
  • A question for consumers: Why did you choose a Konjac Sponge?
    We directly asked customers in a Japanese cosmetics shop why they selected Konjac Sponges

    I got one from a friend/acquaintance and it was great.
    My mom/son/daughter told me about it.
    I/my child was struggling with atopy.
    I heard it was great for the skin
    Because made ​​in Japan
    It's made of plant materials of Japan
    They highly recommended it at the shop
  • A question for consumers: Why do you continue to use Konjac Sponges?
    We asked this question to customers who had purchased products directly from us.

    They feel really good when using them.
    I love how refreshed I feel after using them
    Makeup looks great on me the next morning.
    It is possible to continue to use it with confidence
    Dry skin is moisturized, and shines nicely
    Downy hair is reduced, and I don't have to worry about my pores.



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